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AD-8121B Compact printer

This impact dot matrix printer provides a full range of statistical functions: Weight data, Total Weight printand.gif (18996 bytes)data, Counting data, Total Counting Data, Number of Operations, Standard Deviation, Chart, Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute and Second.

Includes interval printing with built-in timer/clock function: 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m.  Selectable charting shows change in weight, interval time, start time and stop time.  Clock calendar and preset functions are stored in nonvolatile memory (protected by a lithium battery).  It accepts RS-232C and Current Loop input from A&D's Electronic Balances & Indicators.  Operates on alkaline batteries (included) which typically print 7,000 lines, or from an optional AC/DC adapter (9V @ 800mA).  printing speed: 1 line/second.  paper type: 128 (38mm W x 50m long f65mm roll).


The AD-8121B comes standard with: RS232C cable (1), paper (1 roll), alkaline batteries (4) and manual.  Please note that the AD-8121B only works with A&D balances only and the balance must be equipped with an RS-232 interface.


Printer Method Mechanical dot impact printer
Type Size 5x7 dot, 2.5mm/0.1in. (H), 16 characters/line
Printing speed Approximately 1 line / second
Paper Feed Speed Approximately 1 line / second
Print Head Life Approximately 500,000 characters
Paper Type PP: 128 (38mm wide/50m long f65mm roll)
Operating Temp Range 0C to 40C/32F to 104F
Input RS-232 / Current Loop, 2400 baud
Power Sources AC/AD Adapter 9V @ 800mA /
4 - Alkaline batteries (Approx. 7,000 lines)
Dimensions 180(W) x 160(D) x 80.5(H)mm
7.1(W) x 6.3(D) x 3.2(H) inches
Weight Approx. 420g / 0.92 lb.
(Without paper & batteries)
Standard Accessories RS232C cable (1), paper (1 roll), alkaline batteries (4), manual (1)
Download the Instruction Manual (307 KB) now download manual  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding printing capabilities, additional features and keypad functions.


Options/Accessories for AD-8121B
Part number Description
TB:136 AC Adapter (110V) 9v, 800mA CALL FOR PRICE
TB:121 AC Adapter (220V) CALL FOR PRICE
WP:PP143 AD-8121A Roll Paper
(Per Carton, 5 Rolls)
SW:128 Foot Switch SEE PRICE

Download the Instruction Manual (307 KB) now download manual  The instruction manual contains detail information regarding printing capabilities, additional features and keypad functions.

Specifications are subject to change without notice

GLP Print Out
  GLP data includes:
     - Date
     - Balance ID Number
     - Calibration Weight
     - Time

printout examples

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